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Walt Disney World, a home away from home

So I was a little undecided as to what to write about as my first post, but after a long think, the answer was easy.

Disney has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up watching Disney princesses fall hopelessly in love and triumph against the evil characters that are set to ruin their lives.

I first visited Disneyland Paris in 2008. The same year in September I visited Walt Disney World. I loved it, and subsequently have visited WDW a further 11 times and I fall in love with it each and every time I visit. There is always new things to do, new food to eat and new lands to explore. The moment I visited WDW, it very quickly became my happy place and a home away from home, it is the only place I really want to visit. The excitement booking a Disney trip and counting down the days until you visit is a feeling like no other. In recent trips Mr TDG and myself have decided to stay on property making the trips that much more of a better Disney experience.

During my first visit, I went in blind, I booked the plane, hotel and tickets the agent recommended and thought nothing of it. How wrong I was, I didn’t even have a fast pass on that trip, I don’t even think I knew what one was. I didn’t research park opening times, check for events or EMH (extra magic hours).

I wish on my earlier trips I knew as much as I knew now, how to maximise time and get my moneys worth. When to visit versus when not to visit. So now this is why I have decided to document everything I can to help people.

I will always be honest in my reviews and when I give my opinion. Myself and Mr TDG are very involved with everything Disney. Whilst we only visit once a year when we can, we have visited two of the three Asian parks and Disneyland Paris, and wish to also get Tokyo Disney and Disneyland California visited next year for the ‘full set’ to be complete.


Mr TDG and I, November 2017 for a very quick birthday trip. A super cheap and inexpensive trip. Which cost next to nothing. We used our Virgin miles to fly, had free park tickets (courtesy of hurricane Irma), we only paid for the hotel and spending money. This was by far my favourite trip we have taken.

Let me know your thoughts, which Disney is your home away from home? Which one do you keep going back to and why?

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